Copyright Law

CopyrightCopyright law protects the creator of a work, providing comprehensive protection against the transfer of the work to a third party.

There is arguably no other law violated as often online as the law of copyright. Although protected, almost everything is now copied online, including song lyrics, music compositions, pictures and graphic designs and diagrams.

This has lead to financial problems for the creators of the original work, because they are no longer duely renumerated for their efforts.

We support and defend you, the creator, through the enforcement of your rights both judicially and extrajudicially.

If you have received a warning because of a copyright violation, we can provide you with essential advice.

Copyright law concerns intellectual property and gives rights to the creator over his work. Digitalisation has led to a significant rise in the importance of copyright law in the last 10 years.

Rechtsanwalt HoesmannHoesmann’s legal practice concentrates on the creator and provides comprehensive imformation and advice relating to your copyright questions and concerns.

Whether you live in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany, we are here to provide you with a fast solution to your legal questions and problems.

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