Xing Legal Site Notice (impressum) deemed insufficient

ParagraphThe obligation at Xing to publish legal information about a company on its website has already been subject to much legal dispute. This legal site notice is called Impressum in germany.

The platform operator itself has already responded to this discussion and now offers the technical possibility of creating a site notice on their website.

In a very controversial and much discussed decision of the Landgericht Stuttgart (judgment dating 27th June 2014, Case No. 11 O 51/14), it was ruled that these site notices were insufficient, affirming them as a breach of competition law.

In finding the site notices to be inadequate, the legal resoning of the court was, amongst other things, that the link to the site notice was in small font, found outside of the main text, an area to which the ordinary reader would not pay attention.
Therefore the court found that the link was too inconspicuous, a link which a reader with average attentiveness could easily overlook. „Xing Legal Site Notice (impressum) deemed insufficient“ weiterlesen