Bickel’s Copyright Infringement Warning – or how to turn EUR 29 into EUR 3041.50

Filipp Bickel

In our firm we currently have an official warning letter from the Berlin-based lawyer Philipp Bickel. In his letter Bickel alleges copyright infringement on behalf of his client, a Dutch photographer, in relation to a picture he took in Dubai. Dros became aware of the infringement after utilising the services of PhotoClaim. Bickel is currently pursuing the matter in the US, arguing for the application of German copyright law.

Our client, an American business, is accused of displaying the Dubai picture on their website over a ten-month period without permission. Consequently, Bickel demands the payment of compensation totalling €3041.50, which he justifies with reference to the so-called MFM-list (explained below). „Bickel’s Copyright Infringement Warning – or how to turn EUR 29 into EUR 3041.50“ weiterlesen

Copyright infringement warnings by attorney Filipp Bickel

Filipp Bickel

Our firm recently got a warning letter (Abmahnung) from attorney Filipp Bickel, who represents various photographers.

The warning is based on a claimed infringement of copyright which was determined by the company

The warning is in English, even though the warning is from attorney Filipp Bickel, a german attormey.

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Checklist Formal Warnings

abmahnungA formal warning is an extrajudicial demand to cease and desist. Such warnings are often used in copyright and competition law. Whether or not a formal warning is justified, depends on the circumstances of the individual case.

In most cases the warning is formulated and sent by an attorney. Normally the delivery of a declaration to cease and desistbwith a penalty clause is demanded alongside the payment of a lump sum of money.

If you receive such a warning, keep calm. Please do not ignore the warning.

Checklist for examining a formal warning

1. When did you become aware of the warning?
Take note of the date when you received the warning. This date is important for deadlines.

2. How was the formal warning delivered?
Did the warning come as registered mail, a simple letter or in another form, such as a fax or email? When the warning only comes as an email, it couold be a fake warning. Please examine the attachment with a virus scanner and do not open unexamined if it is not a PDF file. „Checklist Formal Warnings“ weiterlesen

Payment claims from and B2B Technologies

Beschaffungsplattform, b2bThe Chemnitz-based limited liabilty company (GmbH), B2B Technologies, operated by its Managing Director, David Jähn, has been involved in much controversy through, amongst other things, the offers provided by and subsequent bills from its website,

We are here to help you in defending against such payment claims from B2B Technologies. Our law firm already represents hundreds of clients against B2B and to date, none of our clients have had to pay a cent to the firm.

The website and the application process is formatted in such a way that many of its users are scammed or ”ripped-off”. Many courts are of the view that, whether it is a scam or not, the Managing Director has no valid claims for payment.  „Payment claims from and B2B Technologies“ weiterlesen