Payment claims from and B2B Technologies

Beschaffungsplattform, b2bThe Chemnitz-based limited liabilty company (GmbH), B2B Technologies, operated by its Managing Director, David Jähn, has been involved in much controversy through, amongst other things, the offers provided by and subsequent bills from its website,

We are here to help you in defending against such payment claims from B2B Technologies. Our law firm already represents hundreds of clients against B2B and to date, none of our clients have had to pay a cent to the firm.

The website and the application process is formatted in such a way that many of its users are scammed or ”ripped-off”. Many courts are of the view that, whether it is a scam or not, the Managing Director has no valid claims for payment. 

Background of and B2B Technologies Chemnitz

The Chemnitz-based firm B2B Technologies GmbH offers closeout sales for insolvent estates and business tasks on its website, In order to avail of this offer and service, one must apply via the firm’s website. When applying, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) of the company.
On the website itself, reference is made to the fact that you become a member upon application, which requires you to pay €20 per month, or €240 for the year.
A provision in the terms and conditions also bars the right to rescission. Soon after a successful application, demands the payment of the membership fee.

As many courts have already decided, the Chemnitz-based firm is not entitled to these payments. Many courts classify the provision as an ”unexpected” clause, or überraschende Klausel, as defined by §305 c I BGB (German Civil Code). As a result, the provision is not included in the contract and is thus invalid. The courts have taken the view that the application alone is not sufficient to indicate monetary consideration for applying and obtaining membership. As internet users normally act on the premise of free use within the marketplace, the monetary consideration attached to membership is an ”unexpected” provision and is thus void.

Other websites which B2B Technologies use to look for customers are,,, and A comprehensive list of the websites from B2B Technologies Chemnitz GmbH can be found at the end of this page.

Hoesmann_buch_2Comments from Solicitor Hoesmann

As an attorney-at-law, I have already dealt with B2B Technologies on numerous occassions and I have successfully defended hundreds of clients against their claims.
Users, who have mistakenly signed-up on the website, must not ignore the payment demands from the company B2B Technologies Chemnitz GmbH, because the legal situation is not explicitly clear.

My team and I are here to advise you, should you have received such a demand of payment from the firm B2B-Technologies and are here to help you to defend against their claims. We have already successfully defended hundreds of clients in Germany, nationwide.

If you have any questions, don`t hesitate to ask or fill out the form below, we will answer as soon as possible.

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